Afghanistan: medical evacuation exercise

medevac 1Herat – Late June 2016, some of the Italian national contingent departments operating in Afghanistan have conducted a complex Aeromedical Evacuation – MEDEVAC – exercise to test procedures, coordination and reaction timing of all the various units which have to intervene in case of emergency medical transport to be performed with the use of helicopters. This intervention capacity is very important in the Afghan theatre, and must always be maintained at the highest levels of efficiency and readiness.

20160701_TAAC-W-RS_Ex-MEDEVAC_simulazione-in-sala-operatoria-2The activities, coordinated by the Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC W), Italian-led command entered in the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, has seen the participation of many components: elements of the Special Forces, the 4th Alpine Parachute Regiment, NH 90 helicopters Task Group Fenice, the 66th Infantry regiment Aircraft “Trieste”, Medevac team, two chirurgical teams from the Role 2 Hospital, security teams belonging to the Task Force Arena of the 7th Bersaglieri regiment and the ITAF Base Operation Centre (BOC) for monitoring and coordinate civil air traffic inside the airport in Herat.

Mirra-Cte-21-RgtThe commander of the TAAC W, General Gianpaolo Mirra, has closely followed the development of all activities, expressing satisfaction with the positive trend of the training that was conducted with a very high level of realism and with full respect of the reaction times of the various teams.

Source and images: ITA Defence Staff and