Revolutionary Next Generation Connected Clothing

Asha Thompson, Director and Co-founder of ITL

Asha Thompson, Director and Co-founder of ITL

A revolutionary piece of new wearable technology which can turn clothing into networked technology is set to begin production.

Intelligent Textiles Limited is one of the companies that has received an SBRI contract from the MoD. Its solution to reduce the load carried by soldiers our on patrol was to use woven conductive textiles to replace the conventional wiring harnesses that carry power between a soldier’s systems and devices. Continue reading

Technological Solutions to Help Secure Healthcare Institutions

The Security Industry Association (SIA) Health Care Security Interest Group was launched in late 2015 to bring better understanding and solutions to health care security industry. The group will also track emerging technologies and not just the hardware. The group intends to focus on the role of metrics and analytics in making the most of current systems and in developing capabilities for new customers. The group will also serve as an information-sharing hub for members, and work toward developing best practices across the vertical.

Health SecurityViolent attacks in hospital wards and healthcare institutions can pose a serious challenge to security authorities. Technological solutions can help tackle this problem.

In addition to assaults, there are patients who escape – including prisoners, mental health patients – and raising the chances for mass shootings. Continue reading

ISSMM-Delta Discussion Day at the Rome TorVergata University

ISSMM LogoAs part of the Academic Path of the II Level International Master ISSMM, whose contents and whose purposes are available online on the website ISSMM – University Tor Vergata (here), in addition to course lectures, the Governing Council has designed and organized various other events such as Conference, Seminars, Workshops, Study Days, taught by recognized High Professionalism and Experience Speakers and sometimes in synergy with Organizations / Research centers, public-private, civil-military institutions to pursue the objectives of Excellence of said Master. (see video)

International University Master – II level – ISSMM-Delta

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